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    Default McDonalds; armed customer kills gunman

    Link with more info;

    High Lights:

    The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office identified the man has Antonio Demond Sanders. He was 24 and lived in Birmingham. He had only recently completed The Dannon Project, a program aimed at reducing recidivism

    Sgt. Bryan Shelton said the restaurant was closing for the night and the manager was unlocking the door to let out the father and his sons.

    As the door was opened, a masked man – now identified as Sanders - burst inside and opened fire. The exiting customer was able to return fire, striking Sanders.

    Court records show Sanders pleaded guilty in July to possession of marijuana and carrying a pistol without a license. He entered the plea after taking part in The Dannon Project program. During his time in the program, according to a letter on file from a court advocate, Sanders completed a mental toughness program orientation and started several occupational training classes, including success lab courses and financial literacy. He had decided to pursue certification in forklift operation.
    “Because of his compliance and dedication in our program, we are happy and eager to report…that Mr. Sanders has demonstrated a propensity of progressive success and law-abiding citizentry,’’ reads a letter to the judges in Sanders’ cases. “When our nation formulates plans to reduce recidivism and enable second changes, Antonio Sanders' post incarceration journey is the example all similarly situated participants should emulate.”
    Sanders was given probation, but records show a judge had revoked his probation on Monday, before Sanders had been identified as the person killed over the weekend. The reason for the revocation was not immediately available.

    Hmmm; "The Dannon Project, a program aimed at reducing recidivism" has a ring to it.Reminds me of " We are from Romulak...I town in France"
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    This probably won't be mentioned in the Green Ribbon campaign.

    Do we know yet whether he had a particular animus against anyone in the restaurant?
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    I live just outside of Birmingham, the area this happened is a very bad part of town. You hear of shootings in and around this area almost nightly. I pray the father and son are ok

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