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    Another reason for carrying inside of the support side ankle is that it allows easier access with either hand, whereas wearing it on the outside of the strong side would definitely complicate a draw should you lose use of your strong hand.

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    Back in the day some of the cool kids carried RH draw ankle holsters on the inside right leg for RH draw (J frame grip facing forward). I was not among them. That said, there must be a bunch of prior ankle carry threads at WT over the past 15 years.
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    Check Eric Tull's article.
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    Never carried a revolver, but ankle holster always scared me. Just the whole draw process. My logic being that when you need a backup weapon you probably need it really bad and right now. Some of the old times I worked with swore by them, but they dont make any sense to me.

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    Most here seem to wear socks and shoes and long pants. I'm a hoboesque type, and can't relate. I'm Crocs, shorts, very thin T-shirt or long sleeve rash vest. In winter, thicker T-shirts, and maybe secret PhD socks with a size larger Crocs.

    For back-up I'm thinking 15oz Kahr 9mmP ($355) in an inverted neck holster, with an elastic chest band, that quick releases off a thick necklace. So you take it off within your shirt, at the gym, to go swimming, or just to wade deeper, with your shirt (with gun and holster) in your hand.

    Put it in an Otter box, in a padlocked Ozark Trail super-cooler ($80). Filled with empty plastic juice bottles and a cable with loops at each end. Fill the bottles with seawater, for a 50lb bitch to steal and/or cable it to something.

    Yeah, definitely most of y'all are dressing and living very different from me.

    And BTW Mr Gabe, Crocs ($15) are pretty capable water shoe. And they are not all black or blue or yellow. Show some love for them, or I will send you a picture of me in them with an ankle holster. :)

    Many times I used to swim in the river, or sea, and go straight to work in the ER, or whatever, in scrubs, Crocs and same T-shirt. But always with a tactical belt, so I could feel like I'm part of the gun community.
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