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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightlightman View Post
    Nice work. Most people think about rifle and handgun velocity, but not so much in the shotty. I'll be interested to see your developments. And thanks for being pleasant in conversation.
    Im curious, as well. Civility has just as much place as aggression. The trick is knowing those places. I endeavor to constantly improve.

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    As do we all.
    Gabriel Suarez

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    I checked my views, I don't think anyone watched the damn video, and truthfully it was boring, so here's just raw data:

    Fiocchi 1560fps 1oz slug
    Chronographed at 3m from muzzle

    18.5": 1429

    70.4fps deficit for the 14" barrel. Translates to 190.9 ft-lb (presuming 438gr slug weight, which this slug weighed in at when dissected, although the wad is attached and I did not account for it.)

    Federal LE12700 1325fps Buckshot
    Chronographed 3m from the muzzle

    14": 1244.6 //// FPE per pellet @ 50gr per pellet: 171.9
    18.5": 1261.2 //// FPE per pellet @ 50gr per pellet: 176.6

    *Chronographing the buckshot proved problematic, only 3 rounds registered properly from the 14", and all 5 registered from the 18.5" barrel, although one round was low, at 1202, but was included in this average. The average would rise to 1276, without it.

    Based on this data, I plan to run the low-recoil LE13200 and 1300fps rated low recoil Truball slugs from my shotguns, both. Shooting either at night makes a HUGE difference in flash signature, the noise and concussion is notably different, and recoil doesn't much matter to me and my split times don't seem to care, but I do feel less beat up after shooting a lot with the LR stuff, but mainly, it's wear and tear on the gun that while I'm sure it will take it (The military tested the M4 to over 4 million rounds during development across their samples, and derived a 25,000 round between major part replacement schedule from such), I see no need in it, given the other factors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    I can take any out of the box 18 inch 870, load it with the right ammo and hit a man in the chest out to 25 yards...I can do the same with a 14" barrel.

    I think we have even shown the patterning on video once or twice. The power issue in practical terms is a non-issue as any buckshot from any barrel will have a devastating effect on a man.

    So other than an interesting scientific measurement...I dont think this is going to cause anyone to change already carefully chosen ammo.
    Great comment. Some day, I would like to start a thread on old wives' tales and shotgun myths. This is certainly one of them.

    Next to Gabe, I probably have more rounds out of 870s than most people alive. I also don't play video games.

    We have a bit of an advantage up here in Canada in that 12-inch and 14-inch barrels are perfectly legal on a pump-action shotgun, as long as the overall length is 26-inches or more. (With some shotguns, we could get down to 9-inch barrels ... but that is just plain silly.) The 14-inch barrel is the perfect compromise between velocity loss versus ease of use. (I now have three of them.)

    I even have a rare Mossberg 590A1 in a 14-inch barrel that was originally made for a DEA contract that ended up being cancelled, so they shipped 2000 of them to distributors in Canada. They were gone in a week. It is nice. I like to look at it. Don't like to shoot it much.

    In fact, if I ever get the urge to shoot my 590A1, I just do like Gabe suggests and dump sand in the action of an 870 to simulate the feel of a brand-new Mossberg.

    One of these days, I would like to explore some of those other myths that we have read about, believed in, and probably passed on to others as gospel truth without ever testing it or recognizing the "junk science" involved. Things like "full chokes are too tight for 00 buckshot and will cause WIDE patterns" and my favourite, "hang fires can happen many seconds after you pull the trigger in modern cartridge firearms." Both are about as true as nitrogen in your tires has any benefit besides making your car dealer richer.

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