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Thread: TSA Pre-Check

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    I use Clear, so you get the discount secret agent man treatment (eye scan and fingerprint biometrics). Really cuts down on the time through security when not flying on official business as i am no longer an operational part of a fed taskforce . On business its always fun to see TSA perk up when I start approaching the exit point of the secured section (where we are required to go as LEO on business at the two airports I fly out of).

    Come to think of it, I usually get through quicker with Clear than with LEO credentials, and I dont have to get flight deck approval ;)

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    Last time I flew I was shunted towards the smaller groups screeners and security was less. It was something that was printed on my Southwest Air boarding pass that shunted me in that direction. I do not fly very much these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooter Ready View Post
    If you ever travel abroad, consider Global Entry, which includes TSA Precheck. It's well worth the money. I like to leave my dual use items embedded and force the TSA screeners to find them among the many metal items in my bags.

    Some frequent flyer programs like United allow use of miles for the TSA precheck fee.

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    Global Entry is money. Check where you're flying, often some of the offices do drop in appointments, but only take a small number each day. I hit a positive ROI on the time waiting & in their office about three months after as I was flying 2-3x/mo at that point. Nothing quite like curbside>security>bar>gate in 40ish minutes. Customs will still be salty at the smaller checkpoints, but you sail through at the larger ones when their busy. When you're traveling with friends/family have them pay you or transfer points and book everyones tickets - your pre check will transfer to them, does not work if they book for you w/o KTN however.


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