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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Miller View Post's not a waste of time. If some think it is, they don't have to train with us. this stage of our company, we can afford to teach what we have always wanted to teach...the martial art of the pistol. Those who would rather learn to play gun games on the range should not waste our time...or theirs.
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    The best teachers I had as a very young man always taught us oyo bunkai before we learned a kata. We practiced the oyo bunkai then we started learning the kata. Not the other way around. Kata without bunkai is just a dance for tournaments.
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    I absolutely didn't understand Kata until it started being talked about here. The developing Kata's would have been a more efficient use of my time back in the day. I broke down the different evolutions from the different classes and worked them bit by bit until they were fully ingrained. The way I did it worked but it turns out it wasn't the most efficient way.
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