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    I always had an interest in martial arts, and started studying TKD when I was about nine. When I was 17, I had my first serious fight and got the absolute shit kicked out of me by three grown men in a park. This caused me to rethink my stance on martial arts. About a year later I found a good Shotokan dojo in Riverside under Ray Dalke and learned to fight. I stuck with Shotokan (though on deployments I've had the chance to train with some Kyokushin and Ashihara guys), and when the army sent me to combatives courses I took it as a chance to up my ground game. Then they sent me to more combatives courses and though I still dislike grappling, I can do it if I need to. I still study karate, though I've distanced myself from the organizations these days.

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    Very little here.... Dad starting teaching me to box from age 6 when the first (and last) bully blacked my eye. A little wrestling in grade school and junior high, some secondhand TKD as a sparring partner/dummy for my older brother who was already out of the house. Hunting and target shooting from an early age. Rucking/backpacking since age 12, Weight training since age 17 and 16+ years manhandling drunks and tweakers on the FD and later Ambu.

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