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    Default Like Gabe says, parts make a difference

    As insignificant as they seem, even things like the RSA, you notice a difference in the very least of cycling performance when you replace worn out parts. For me, I almost always forget about the RSA and all the little springs.

    Just rock and rolled the rose gold striker and extreme reliability extractor depressor plunger in one Glock, RSA in another. Night and day difference.

    So yes, common sense prevails, even when I forget, to use common sense. Replace your dang parts.

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    Yep - I just added to my the Face Shooter Trigger System Complete with NP3 Trigger Bar and Connector, as well as a NP3 Firing Pin and new springs elsewhere. Same G17 SI slide & parts on my revised G19 lower. My 30ft target looked like my 15ft target before - much tighter with fewer fliers. The system "burned in" around 3-4 mags and was supper smooth thereafter.
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    I chased the Glock trigger for several years. I ran the old Lightning Strike, Haley Skimmer, Agency, SSVI, even a ZEV for about 5 minutes. All with light hand polishes, various aftermarket connectors, etc.

    NOTHING comes close to the Suarez NP3 Face Shooter components. Nothing. My EDC G19 has the Suarez trigger/bar, connector, lightened tool-steel firing pin, and safety plunger. All with NP3. (And all stock springs.).

    Best feeling, most “repeatable” and many 1000’s of rounds/10,000’s dry-reps reliable set up I have used. No fitting, no polishing.

    And I drop tested the whole kit several times in my garage on a primed case. From my shoulder height, so about 4.5-5 feet. (I’m 6 foot.). Dropped onto 1/2” garage/gym rubber tiles over concrete. Dropped on the tang, the mag well, the sides, the muzzle, even did some hammering on my workbench with the gun onto the magwell, tang and muzzle. Not one slip. Zero marks on the primer.

    My G43 also has the Suarez NP3 trigger/bar and connector. (I will buy and add the safety plunger and firing pin should they become available.) Same outcome. Best trigger. 100% reliable. 100% passed my drop-testing as well.

    I do RSA, trigger return spring, and slide lock spring replacements every year with my RMR batteries. As a Glock 23 with an “E” serial number user for many years, I learned the hard way about making sure the RSA was replaced regularly. (Sheared off right’rear frame rail, and later a cracked right/rear slide... Glock replaced all with new parts, including a new frame with same S/N as the old. But still.)

    Go Suarez, or go golfing!

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    Just got two NP3 Faceshooter triggers/parts. Simply the best. I was very surprised at the difference, much better than I thought. Thank you Randy at SI for getting me hooked up.
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