I just made detailed post on how to put the odds in your favor of getting issued a CCW from Sheriff Livingston of Contra Costa County. This is important since it represents a break in the anti 2nd A SF Bay Area stronghold. CoCoCo has a population of 1.2M but currently only ~300 CCWers. We hope to increase that to 3,000 in just a few years. Until a Trump packed SCOTUS declares a 2nd A Right to Bear Arms, the fight in CA is taking place at the local level, county-by-county. But, as you can see by comparing the maps below, we've made a LOT of progress over the past 10 years. (Sonoma Co will be turning light green when their new sheriff takes office in January.) The more CAians that get CCWs, the more CAians that have a vested interest in protecting their 2nd A rights and become gun rights activists.

Here's the link to the info on applying. Be sure to share with anyone in CA in a non-green county since much of it probably applies to the process their sheriff uses too.

San Mateo Co in the first map below was never light green: that was a mistake, it was yellow at best.