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    Default business owner returns fire but lucky low cap vs high cap

    Business owner took two rounds and returned fire. He ran out of ammo early and the perp had an extended mag. Sounds like he did good returning fire but got lucky. This is in a shithole part of Birmingham

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    From the above link...
    Colvert said what bothers him most is that the Poole is a convicted felon who was in possession of a gun, and the danger that posed to Colvert and all of his workers. "I'm more worried about the people around me,'' he said. "He had no regard for human life."
    Perfect proof that being a legally prohibited person does not stop a criminal who intends to use a gun to injure or kill another person. Those laws are useless "feel good" laws meant to placate the ignorant sheep and only apply to law abiding citizens, since they are the only ones who will obey them. They have never prevented a criminal from using a gun if he really wants to get and use one.
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    "Unfortunately, he said, he only had three or four bullets in the gun. Poole, he said, had 30 rounds."

    Also from the link above. So the shop owner was not even carrying his 380 at anything near to full capacity. WTH

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    I bet he rethinks his load out after this. Three or four bullets, a revolver has more!!
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    To be honest, I have checked LEO's magazines that were being carried on duty that were not to full capacity.

    I have checked magazines on CCW's and bad guys consisting of four and five different makes of rounds -- not to mention finding .40 cal rounds in 9 mm magazines.

    The reality is...not everyone with a gun is proficient or even close to it. A lot of people with weapons are actually pathetic and an embarrassment to serious gun toters.

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