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    Default Shooting at rippers (weed thieves) in Maine

    It's that time of year.

    MILFORD, Maine
    Deputies in Penobscot County are investigating a reported attempted robbery of marijuana plans that ended with a man shooting at the suspected thieves.

    A man living in a Main Road apartment building thought someone was trying to steal his pot plants Wednesday night, deputies said.

    The man told police he shot multiple times at the suspected thieves, who then took off into the woods, deputies said.

    Several neighbors heard the gunshots. Officials do not believe anyone was struck by the bullets.
    It doesn't look like the guy got in any trouble. It would appear the local police don't care if marijuana users/growers have guns.

    A few years ago some rippers would dress up like police while stealing weed. They got caught on video, then in real life.
    Three men dressed as police officers and armed with a handgun stole medical marijuana plants in the town of Winterport, state police said.

    Back in 2012, police returned weed to the owner after it was stolen.
    After two days, the Ellsworth Police Chief made the decision to return the marijuana plants. It was reasoned that Davis met state requirements to grow the plants, and so should have the right to repossess the plants following a burglary. The chief said that returning the marijuana to Davis was legal "as far as he was concerned," reports the Daily News.

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