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    Default Authorities find 123 missing children

    Authorities find 123 missing children in just ONE day during a Michigan sex trafficking operation
    It is quite sad that such things go on in our country
    More than 120 missing children have been found in just one day during a wide-scale law enforcement operation in Michigan.
    Authorities located 123 children in the Wayne County area, which includes Detroit, as part of the one-day sweep last month.The U.S. Marshals Service said Operation MISafeKid placed an emphasis on locating missing children who were victims of sex trafficking. The one-day initiative, which took place on September 26, recovered 123 of the 301 children that had been reported missing in the area following weeks of investigations. All of those children were physically located and interviewed about potentially being sexually victimized or used in a sex trafficking ring during the time they were missing.Authorities discovered three cases that were related to sex trafficking and one homeless teen who had not eaten anything in three days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    It is quite sad that such things go on in our country
    It is quite sad that such things go on anywhere.
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    And only three cases--whatever that means--were related to sex trafficking?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    And only three cases--whatever that means--were related to sex trafficking?
    There's a lot of wacky numbers in that article. I'd like a better breakdown of all these missing kids. I'm betting a lot of them are things like teenagers involved in gang activity who got reported missing from their mom, etc.

    300+ "legitimate" missing children from one area seems borderline impossible.
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    I am very cynical about this. Sure, there are legitimate kid snatches off the street, but the "chica" that takes off with her homie bf is not the same...the runaway kid from an abusive home is not the same. The dad denied custody that takes his kid is not the same.

    I hated kid cases back in the day because everyone wants to slam the kidnapper that snatched a kid for sex traffic, but more often than not, it was some goth chick wanting to have a night with her goth boyfriend.

    Rather than catch all about a break down. How many taken by force...against their will? How many were voluntary run away types? And who was involved?
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