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    Default Limo that killed 20 owned by Shahed Hussain

    Owner of limo that crashed was FBI informant who testified in terrorism trials
    Most important details from link
    NEW YORK - The owner of the limousine company linked to the deadliest U.S. transportation accident in nine years is no stranger to the law.
    Shahed Hussain, who owns Prestige Limousine, served as an FBI informant in two terrorism cases after pleading guilty to a federal fraud charge in 2002.
    A state official confirmed Hussain's bizarre history to The Albany Times Union.
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    Hmm... sabotage? It doesn't seem like the normal MO for Islamic revenge. I would expect a more direct approach if that was the case.

    I think it's a lot more likely that the issue was driver error, mechanical failure, or both. The sleazeball was likely cutting corners on maintenance and hiring unqualified drivers.
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