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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Forget the J-frame. Appendix would be far better IMHO.
    I know you are right. I believe JonathanNobody was joking.

    Most of the time I do carry appendix. Except when wearing a sport coat with tucked shirt.

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    One key benefit to thinking through these indicators - and I think the A.L.E.R.T. methodology is a fine start- is that it forces you out of Normalcy Bias.

    If you're just passively observing, it's very easy to default to "It's probably nothing," because it usually is nothing. Actively comparing someone you notice to specific criteria makes you consider what it was that tripped your mental alerts in the first place, and makes it harder for you to explain away anomalies.

    And yes, you can do this very rapidly -if you've thought the issues through previously.
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    A guy was planning to blow himself up on Election Day in DC with black powder.
    Rosenfeld told the FBI he was not aiming to injure or kill anyone other than himself, but federal authorities said the bombing would have put others at risk.
    Rosenfeld also used about eight pounds of the “black powder” to build a larger explosive device in his basement, according to the criminal complaint.
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