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    Thursday, October 04, 2018


    I am currently reading a book about the Viking Wars. The Viking Wars: War and Peace in King Alfred's Britain: 789–955 by Adams. It’s a great, although long. The interesting thing is that the Vikings were far bloodier than the Spanish Conquistadors, yet everyone seems to celebrate the former while scorning the latter. I have yet to see social justice types protesting Lindisfarne. But oh do people seem to despise Columbus.

    The main thrust of the argument is usually that the Indians were peaceful and kind, sort of like a Disney movie, and the evil Europeans were thieves and murderers. The truth is that Indian tribes raided and fought each other routinely as did all primitive communities since the dawn of man. There is no written history of the Caribbean and North American tribes, nor did they build monuments and cities to be excavated. But they did do so in Mexico, Latin, and South America. And any study of the preeminent cultures when the Europeans arrived, the Inca and the Aztecs, reveals that they did not arrive at prominence via kindness, social programs for the poor, sexual diversity, nor developing the fine art of getting along with everyone.

    No, they arrived at their place by doing the same thing the Europeans did. They took advantage of their numbers and superior technology to wage and win wars against those whom they could defeat. The Spanish, unlike the Aztecs however, did not sacrifice and then eat their captured prisoners.

    I like Columbus. He was a proper pirate, and research shows he was actually a secret Jew seeking a place for his people to flee the Spanish oppression of the time.
    In the era where the left is constantly seeking to destroy our culture by destroying our history, let’s recall that our ancestors...

    • Expelled the Moors from Europe
    • Discovered a New World
    • Utterly conquered and exploited it
    • ...and kept it.

    So I say “good for them”, and subsequently good for us. We should be quite proud of their achievements rather than feel anything resembling guilt.
    You don't see the Mongols ashamed of Ghengis Khan and his Horde.

    You don't see the Italians regretful of the actions of the Roman Legions

    And you don't see Scandinavians crying like little bitches over the Viking Raiders.

    To celebrate old Chris’s Discovery and the subsequent Conquest of The New World, all our knives are on special this weekend and through next week. Limited to stock on hand.

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    BMPSBI (friend and member here) went to Guyana a few years back on a week long jungle trek...While there he spoke to some aboriginal locals. They told him that that they applauded the Spaniards arrival because the Spaniards put an end to cannibalism so they didn't have to be concerned with being raided by other tribes and being carried off and EATEN.....but you will never hear that from the "Indians are in touch with nature " crowd.

    Unfortunately most modern people know virtually nothing about the early history of the US or the western hemisphere for that matter. They know nothing of inter tribal warfare, kidnapping, human sacrifice and even slave trading carried on by Indians. Many an unfortunate Indian died a horrible death on the plantations in the Caribbean after being captured and sold into slavery not by evil white people but by other "peace loving " Native Americans before the widespread acceptance of African slavery here.... In fact one of the Cherokee Indians' major "cash crops" was Native American slaves that they had captured from other tribes and sold into slavery. So don't give me any crap about "peaceful nature loving wood sprites". There is a reason that Europeans with guns overtook and moved the eastern tribes to Oklahoma....because they could not live in peace with cultures that did not value life of members of other tribes any more than they valued the life of a dog.

    In fact when confronted with modern snowflakery I sometimes wistfully wish for the return of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Cherokee and Seminoles to the eastern US so that the candy ass pansies that can't stand to hear an opposing political opinion without pitching a fit could live for a few days with the legitimate worry of their house being burned to the ground and being scalped by roving war parties so that they'd have a better grip on what real "oppression" is....and a better grip on where we REALLY came from....
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    War Before Civilization: The Myth of the Peaceful Savage

    Dec 18, 1997
    by Lawrence H. Keeley

    Destroys the myth of the peaceful primitive.

    As an aside, The reason the Maori warriors stuck out their tongues at the enemy was to let them know they would kill and eat them.

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    I agree there no reason to think the indians or native americans were any more peaceful than people anywhere else. When modern man finally got into europe there were already Neanderthals living and in a relativly short period of time other than some traces of Neanderthal DNA in the DNA of modern Humans, the Neanderthals were no more.
    In the americas it was not toledo steel or arquebus balls that wiped out most of the indians. It was most likely Diseases that they had no resistance to.
    For example the Midwest was covered by Mounds that we now know at least in some cases were large settlements. The people that built them disappeared before official european expeditions or settlers reached the sites.
    The whites never encountered the people that built cahokia below or just about any of the other mounds.

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