Its almost here. I mentioned sometime back that I will no longer be teaching live fire courses after 2020. Thats true. I will let my staff take care of those. I will attend a few of their classes here and there and someone will teach them here in AZ but my focus will be two fold. One, teaching the mental processes in the After The Last Bang and Mind Dojo series of classes. Two, teaching the force on force series of classes. The force on force will have a new format and this writre up will get guys ready for what is to come.

By the way, I am in the process of writing a new book called Diagonal Lines describing the updates.

Next week, bring some wet weather gear...just in case. Continuing.

We will have a brief discussion on the new format and why its important, and what each fighter will gain from this. "Fighter"? Yeah...I am no longer going to call my students shooters. Any mouthbreathing monkey with a kel-tec is a shooter...we are well above that crowd. We will discuss end goal, which is the ability to act mindlessly. Having been in several gunfights, if you cannot perform mindlessly, you will only succeed by happenstance. We want to succeed by design and that is what this class will begin for you. Incidentally...part of the mind dojo stuff...attitude. We are not interested in "surviving" a gunfight...we are training to win the gunfight, intentionally, by killing our adversaries and doing so with grace and style. (Somewhere Mr. Ayoob just grabbed his chest).

We will begin by learning the lines of movement and why they are importnat. Why the proactive-reactive division is a fact, and why the ability to flow quickly through the OODA loop is essential...and how we do it (yes...the flowchart of killing will be evident). Training the thought process begins by training the physical process. Before any "shots" are fired, everyone will learn the basics of the take off and its various applications, as well as the draw during movement. This will be done in line, just like in the dojo and there will be repetitions to hard-wire the methods.

Once that is done, we will be moving through Diagonal Lines Kata smoothly and quickly...and hopefully mindlessly.

Only then, when even the most unphysical student has a good understanding of movement dynamics, and can execute, we will press off the first shot and begin working through the reactive combat drills. These drills are good and solid and have great lessons, but learning the template of movement must precede it because the majority of gun people have forgotten how to to be good animals.

At the end of the day, we will review the kata again to make sure it is learned well. Its not about the is about the kata and the kata must be learned as the key to the reactive gunfight problem.

Next day we will continue with the process. Technical application first followed by kata...then application drills in increasing intensity. At some point, we will introduce the Watch Your Back kata and follow the same process. This will comprise the weekend's events.

This training is not as "egalitarian" as a typical "stand in line and fire a group" class. There will be physical demands as well as mental engagement. This is about coming with an open mind and an empty cup. I guarantee that what you learn here and what you will be able to do by the end of the training will be amazing.

This is the true martial art of the pistol.