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    Quote Originally Posted by borednva View Post
    This is one reason i never liked having such large parts of critical infrastructure made exclusively outside the country.
    And a really good one. We have no chance at supply chain security if we don't make anything.

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    Apple is calling for a retraction of the article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Heckathorn View Post
    Iím sorry, but I have to ask... Why is anyone surprised?

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    I already assumed this was the case years ago. Not the specific method, but that they do something like this.
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    I work in IT Security for a Dispatch Call center, and do ITSec contracting with another company when local gigs are available. I can tell you this is a very real threat. We forbid any kind of USB storage devices on any of our work computers for good reason. Not just because someone could use them to steal HIPAA info or other PII for nefarious purposes. But also because they can easily infect computers with all kinds of malicious malware, and some can even hold electric capacitors that will dump electricity back into computers to destroy them. It is a well known cyber espionage tactic in Business(and other organizations) for a bad actor to leave high value USB drives scattered around office sites they are trying to infiltrate, by smokers areas, lobbies etc. in order to have a non-security minded fool plug it right into their work computer to see what is on it, or to try and wipe because they are greedy and want a USB that holds a few hundred GB's of data.
    This is just the evolution of that old tactic, and it went right under the noses of people that should know better. The chips were disguised as signal conditioning couplers, which would look out of place on the board if someone really knew what to look for, but would easily fool 99.9% of the population. If you are doing anything sensitive on a computer, learn to use various encryption methods. PGP is a solid one for safe communications, unless a key is compromised. I can talk all day about ITSec, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask!

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