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Thread: Sober October

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    Quote Originally Posted by M1A's r Best View Post
    Yeah. Found out when I was younger that I could have just as much fun sober as drunk and then I could remember what I'd done the next day.

    What sealed it for me was a ETS party at a pizza place one night where some of the guys were being louder and more obnoxious than normal. One guy was getting really bad and as we left I was trying to apologize to the waitress. I was drunk enough that the words coming out of my mouth were not the words that were in my head. After a couple attempts I just said, "Sorry," and left.

    My buddy (in the Army) and my father-in-law both told me that when they drank they had an excuse to do things they wouldn't do when they were sober. Both were heavy drinkers who enjoyed fighting.

    Good luck with your "test".
    It's not really a test, more of an exercise. I drink regularly but not often heavily so dropping it is no big deal, it's more about exercising different action habits.
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    Sorry, didn't mean a test to see if you could do without it.

    I meant a test to see if you got an improvement in the training/exercise performance you are doing.

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    It good to practice choosing the non-default option. Kinda what sets us apart from the animals.
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