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    Default Simunition conversion question

    Need some Glock help! I got this Simunition conversion kit. Followed the installation instructions. Simple enough, but it's unlike the way you install a regular slide. Installing it on a Gen 3 Glock 17. The problem is the trigger doesn't work! I got everything installed per the instructions but the trigger does not reset when I cycle the slide. I can pull the trigger forward, but when I pull the trigger the striker does not cycle. The new slide dimensions seem a perfect match. But it lacks a firing pin safety and an extractor depressor plunger or spring. What am I doing wrong?? Trying to get the gun ready for October Force on Force.

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    44 views and no responses! Anyway, I put the new slide on a different 17 frame and it works like a charm. Not very accurate, but no malfunctions. Here is a link to a very clear YouTube video on how to do the install. The video did not, however solve the problem.

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