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    Choirboy wrote:

    Go back to Ferguson Missouri when the "Gentle Giant's" brains were leaking on the pavement. If a couple of 4x4s or a dirty snot rag were placed on his head do you think the outcry would have been as loud?
    To be honest, I don't think it would have made a damned bit of difference. Not a bit.
    "Let him cut your skin, and you cut his flesh. Let him cut your flesh, and you cut his bones. Let him cut your bones, and you cut off his life."
    - Toshitsugo Takamatsu

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    a REALLY wet one.
    Long ago, being on the volunteer fire and aid crew, I saw all manner of things. After a Cathartic experience at 16, would i render aid to the assilant if i just had to shoot someone?


    I WOULD call 911 and request immediate LEO assistance AND aid for both myself/family/loved ones and the perp. As for as i am concerned, if i had reason to ventilate someone, I am not going to get close enough for them to take a second go at me. Also. the issue of unsympathetic and/or hostiles in the bystanders.

    I would check MY folks for physical injuries and start thinking of what LITTLE i had to say while watching the scene for continuations in the offing.
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