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    Interesting. I am the opposite on squats, low bar squats work perfectly for my build but I never have been able to do high bar worth a damn. And yes to dips, I never bench secondarily to shoulder pain but I can do ring dips and weighted dips easily. Combine those with KB and BB presses and you get a great chest workout.
    Same for me in squats. When I started lifting I tried to put it on my traps and never got anywhere. Someone showed me how to get it lower once and I’ve never considered anything else again.
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    Its not so much bar positiin, as it is the sitting back vs sitting down thing. I prefer the low bar position, but for me it just took too long to get ready for it. And occassionally it would do something weird to my shoulder cuff. So I wrote it off.

    The hip drive, sitting back style squat rip teaches for me set me back in ky progress idk how long. So much wasted time for me there, not to mention knee pain caused by it. Yes, I was coached. I even have a video somewhere on his site from years ago where he suggested squatting less deep(?).

    Just not for me.

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