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    Cool International Talk like a Pirate Day

    Shiver me timbers!It's time once again to unfurl the Jolly Rogers and show our true colors to our friends,enemies,ect.Time to raise a mug of Capt'n Morgans to OUR Capt'n Gabe and all the crew members past,present and future.Time to talk like a pirate and be proud of it.
    Too bad we only have one official day to be recognized but we can make the most of it.I'm ready to hit the Gulf Stream and see where it takes me for today.I hope to raise many eyebrows today with me new found dialect.

    A GREAT Int.Talk Like a Pirate Day to one and all,Anchors Away!!


    Local temps are predicted to be in the high 90's today so I guess I won't have to
    worry about me timbers shivering. ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

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    The wife and I actually had dinner at The Pirates House in Savannah GA back in 2014 (IIRC) on Talk Like a Pirate Day. The Pirates House is the oldest standing building in Georgia and Robert Louis Stevenson supposedly visited there while writing Treasure Island. They also have the best shrimp and grits I have ever eaten......
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    Arrrr The chair is too high says I!
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    Best pirate joke I've heard so far:
    A pirate goes to the doctor to get moles on his back checked.The doctor says,"There's nothing to worry about,thet're benign."

    The pirate looks at him surprised and says..."Shiver me timbers!When I spied them in me looking glass this morning,there be

    only 3! Arrrrrrrr!!!

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