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    Default Glock Generation and Holsters

    Some holster makers now ask whether your Glock is Gen 3 or 4/5. I know that the fit is slightly different, and my understanding is that the 4/5 is the larger of the two designs. Right now I am all in on Gen 3, but I might add a Gen 5 at some point. If I buy a holster for a Gen 5 (it would be with an XC1 light), will it actually be loose on my current Gen 3? Is it a level of looseness that can be solved by just tightening the retention screws?

    What else should I know about holsters for the newer Glocks?
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    I have 3s and a 5, and have just been using the holsters I have interchangeably. I haven't put much thought into it. I can try something more scientific if you want.

    Really like my Gen 5, BTW. I assumed the differences would be minimal at best, but it feels like a real upgrade.
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