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    All of my rifles have to have real-world utility or I don’t have much interest. My most “specialized” rifle is a Savage 6.5 CM in an MDT chassis with a big Burris elite tactical scope. Still, with the proof research barrel it comes in at under 12 pounds. I also have a Savage Hog Hunter in 308 in a Bell & Carlson stock with a Leupold 3-9. These two rifles can easily swap stocks and scopes and trade roles.
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    If money is an issue, Grayboe Precision stocks get my vote. I like the Ridgeback and the Renegade (I like their bottom metal, too). The KRG Bravo is my second choice because they won't evacuate your wallet. For a barrel, I like K&P Gun Co. Great barrels and, again, not quite as spendy as some of the others. Oh, and look up TRACT Optics for a scope. They're factory direct, so you get more than what you're paying for.

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