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    Default Combative Red Dot Pistol E-Book: Suarez International SA

    Available on amazon now

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    Forward by Gabe Suarez.

    The red dot equipped handgun is the future. When we built the first one it was an outlier and the point of argument for many. The red dot would not hold up, it would slow you down, it was not as accurate, etc.

    All of those complaints were proven false and the red dot pistol is not a mainstream item found in the holster of special operator, policeman, and private citizen alike. But each new technology requires a new learning curve and this is no different.

    To meet that need, and establish standards of skill and training, we started teaching the Red Dot Combat Pistol Course in the USA. A course that Mr. Gerald Bailey has not only attended as a student, but has co-instructed with me.

    Bailey has a complete and thorough understanding of the mechanics and tactics of the Red Dot Combat Pistol and he has showcased his knowledge in this book.

    If you wish to step into the future of pistolcraft, this book is the first step, and Gerald Bailey is the perfect guide for the journey.

    Gabriel Suarez
    Suarez International USA
    Gerald Bailey
    Suarez International.
    Prescott Arizona
    Proudly the BLACK SHEEP of the training world

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    Just picked it up thanks.

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