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Thread: Where were you

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    I was testing computer systems on the Node 2 of the International Space Station at Redstone Arsenal.

    That day started me on a path I'm still on today.

    I ain't forgot, never will.

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    5th grade computer class. Learned and absorbed more that day than I could fully understand at the time but it certainly helped shape me in the years to come.

    Will never forget.

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    Recent college grad living with my future wife in a cramped small apartment not far from DC. She was working down near Bethesda I think at a client and I was at home. She called and I turned on the news. I was a volunteer FF at the time and heard on the scanner how about every station in the county was getting toned out to transfer to Northern VA. Our paid day crew was transferred to south county I think.

    Knowing that most stations are staffed with paid men during the day I new this was going to be an issue so I headed to the firehouse around lunch time. Apparently I wasn't the only one thinking that way as there was enough volunteer guys there already for one crew and shortly thereafter we had enough to staff two engines and the tower plus some. Enough to cover any call in the city short of a large commercial box. Side note.. I hate how the unions around here bash vollys, but I digress.

    One of our guys was at the Pentagon. He made it out fine and loaded up some buddies there and took them home on his way out cause it was a CF. Traffic was completely FUBAR. I think he had to take 301 up from Fredricksburg back up through Southern MD. It took him hours to get home. He got back to the firehouse like late afternoon. When Im thinking SHTF around here I never forget that little fact. At one time I was thinking about having some kind of inflatable raft to get back across if I was working on the other side of the river lol.


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    I had worked a midnight shift and got off at 0700 and went home and went to bed.

    Shortly after noon I woke up to take a leak. My answering machine was lit up. First call was from my sister (who lived in Manhattan then) saying that she was okay but hadn't yet reached her boyfriend to check on him. Next three messages were from dispatch announcing a recall. I turned on the TV wondering what in the hell I had missed . . .

    I got to work just before 1400. The Deputy Chief was in the squad room and he said "Well, nice of you to finally show up." I told him that I didn't usually stay up all day after working all night, just in case terrorists kidnapped airplanes and crashed them into tall buildings. We were on 12 hour shifts until the New Year, except for the day we went to the range to qualify. (And I broke a slide rail on my issue Sig 226 and they had to give me another one. Just under a dozen years and somewhere north of 35,000 rounds)

    When JFK was shot I was home sick from kindergarten, watching Bozo the Clown on WGN . . .
    "We should always try to do the right thing and the moral thing and the legal thing, but first we should do the SMART thing."
    --John S. Farnam
    Defense Training International

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