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Thread: GAP Camouflage?

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    Default GAP Camouflage?

    Can somebody help me, since Ive started looking at stocks for precision rifles; Ive been seeing adds for "GAP" camouflage. I guess I see the difference from say Woodland (looks brighter?); but Im not really sure from pics on the net. Is it supposed to be a multi terrain pattern/colour(s)? Is there a specific formula for the colours and pattern OR is this just another Gucciflage?

    Can you guys help?

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    Basically, a disruptive woodland camo pattern from GA Precision Rifles. The tan is quite a bit lighter than found in USGI woodland.

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    I saw the title and thought it was about khaki slacks & button-down shirts.
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    It's similar to woodland as was said. I have a 300 with it and a 308 with Italian which has more beige in it.

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    The more "new" camo patterns that I see causes me to believe that the Obama policy of full employment for gay graphic designers is coming to fruition.


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    If your looking at Mcmillan stocks, dont over look the marble patterns. Some of the marble patterns offer a great look and is as functional as most of the other camo patterns. The GAP and the forest patterns are my favorite standard camo patterns. Having said that most folks concerned with camo on their rifles end up painting it to match the area they will be working in.

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