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  • SIG P320

    18 11.92%

    31 20.53%
  • BERETTA 92

    12 7.95%
  • CZ P-10

    9 5.96%
  • CZ-75 SERIES

    24 15.89%
  • SIG LEGACY P220/226

    29 19.21%

    13 8.61%
  • 1911 SERIES

    39 25.83%
  • HK VP-9

    8 5.30%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Wilson Combat 1911 in 9mm. The 4" version.
    Its the Rolex of Pistols.

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    CZ P10C

    "Night vision devices let you own the night. Flashlights just let you borrow some of it for a little while." -- Chris Upchurch

    "A Glock will make someone just as dead as a 1911 but the 1911 will do it with style." -- Yooper75
    "Night vision devices let you own the night. Flashlights just let you borrow some of it for a little while." -- Chris Upchurch

    "A Glock will make someone just as dead as a 1911 but the 1911 will do it with style." -- Yooper75

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    I've carried an XD9 sc for years, and mostly like it. It's bone stock. If I were to do anything to it to improve it, I would install one of the PRP or Springer triggers, but beyond the reported improvements in weight and "sponginess" I don't know if they are improved/tougher/more reliable than the factory trigger. So I'll just stick with what I have. I originally bought two of them, one for me and one for the wife, because back then she liked it and I thought common ammo and mags with her would be a good idea. But it stayed locked up in her safe and she never shot it until she took a CPL class a year or so ago. She then decided she didn't like it because it was too stiff for her and she didn't like the recoil. So I sold hers and gave her the money to get whatever she wanted. She hasn't gotten anything yet that I know of.

    If I were purchasing today I would probably get a Glock 17 or 19. I'm a pretty big guy so concealing a 17 wouldn't be a big deal. I had a 17 at one time but sold it during a financial crunch. I liked it, though - it was a "Gen 2.5". 2 pins, but finger grooves and a rail. The things I like most are the simplicity of the construction-it's easy to detail strip for cleaning without special tools like roll pin punches like you might need for the XD. And more quality aftermarket support than for the XD as well.

    I just bought my daughter a Gen 5 19 to commemorate her completing Army Basic and AIT. She's an accomplished competitive rifle shooter, but she hasn't really done anything with handguns. I know she wants to though, because her eyes sure lit up when she saw the Glock!

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    Picked up a Sig 227 and I am stoked. I haven't fired it yet so this may just be a bunch of bullshit but I have long wanted a DA pistol made of metal and a double stack .45. The Rugers I have are reliable with the correct mags but meh in capacity, the Para double stacks never really floated my boat and the Glock 21 was in my possession for all of 2 weeks. Wish me luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fat View Post
    Picked up a Sig 227 and I am stoked.
    I had a 227SAS gen 2 for a while. Great to shoot, not so much to carry. Despite fitting a p229 holster, it felt like a brick. Ended up passing on my good deal to a new owner.

    For a large shooter, it may be the ticket.

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    Sig p320, as it offers different calibers and frame sizes. For a 40/357 slide, at first.

    FNX series, as they were designed to be RMR. Lots of FNX 45 owners want a tactical without the extra $650. A threaded barrel is only $140 - $170, depending if you are LEO or not.

    Yeah, a 227 in 10mm would especially merit an RMR, if it came out. Same with a P320 or an FNX. One of those is coming, sooner than later. And could use some love from SI.

    So, based on that, as well as need for SI options in their current specifications, those look to me like the lines to cover.

    ie: Sig 220/226/227/229, Sig 320, FNX/FNS/509. They all have in common multi-caliber for their basic slide dimensions. Military contracts and/or civilian fervour.

    That's a lot easier to cover, with RMR work, than three or more slide profiles and widths for Glock alone.

    I imagine stuff like a ported 9X25 Dillon P320 with B&T USW chassis-brace. Shooting torso targets out to 350 meters with 90 grain Xtreme Defense. Weighing under 40 oz loaded, in pistol frame. And not much more as a braced PDW.

    Thanks for asking the question, it also helps me consider where I'm going.
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    I've carried the M&P 9 for 10 years, the CORE edition for the last year with an RMR. Shield on occasion.
    I really like the M&P 2.0 compact.

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