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    I read that as a hunting accident, ND, or some other unintentional consequence from discharging a weapon rather than a self defense event. As far as "reasonable assistance" I'm not going to endanger myself to someone playing possum who may recover, additionally if your attacker is bleeding or DRT and I don't have protective gear like eye pro and sterile gloves I could be putting myself in danger of bio hazard by touching him/her/it.
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    Did some quick google- fu on the Minnesota “good Samaritan/render Aid” law - seems calling for help is the extent of the law and I didn’t at a quick study see anything pertaining to a SD senerio - so “I’m Joe Schmo at the conference of vine and river street; was attack d and fired my weapon on the attacker- he’s down send ambulance seems to be the extent of it.

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