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    I live on a farm. My chicken yard is about 100 yards -to center, it gets important at 75 and 140 -- 60 grain subsonics drop like a rock but they are not much louder than clapping your hands in a rifle barrel.

    I have multiple "shoot out windows" No screens. Before the wife split if I got a beep from the chicken yard motion sensor at night. I looked and waited. I could fire the gun with the barrel out of the window and never wake her.

    Loud ghetto street with blaring rap, a body stack could occur before anyone but the pickpockets knew Polish kids were dropping.
    In my experience audible gunfire is not out of the ordinary for violent urban areas, particularly for example in some parts of chicago.
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    My Savage bolt .22, scoped is very accurate to 100y, and is threaded for a suppressor. Super stealth quiet suppressed with subs.
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