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    Default Who made your AR upper?

    Very often people pay premium prices for what they consider to be premium made ARs. Sometimes these are coming from other manufacturers and get stamped with the name of a vendor that did not make that item. Here is some information on AR uppers and also a little for AR lowers.
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    Cerro Forge and Brass Aluminum according to the video and forge marks on my uppers.

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    heres a list of all primary manufacturers for uppers. Cerro gave us the most problems with fitting in a couple areas. they never fit any billet lowers due to the shape of their lug for the rear takedown pin, and their threads were off bad enough to strip a few barrel nuts and shear timing lugs.
    A (splintered) = Anchor Harvey Aluminum
    AF = Alcoa Forge
    C AF = Colt Alco Forge
    C MB = Colt / Mueller Brass
    Cardinal (stylized) = Cardinal Forge
    CH = Colt Harvey Aluminum
    Circle/Crosshairs w/"AR" = ArmaLite
    CK = Colt / Kaiser Aluminum
    CM = Colt / Martin Marietta
    D (stylized) = Diemaco
    DK = Diemaco / Kaiser Aluminum
    E = Emco
    EK = EMCO/Kaiser
    E MB = EMCO/Mueller Brass
    F keyhole = FNMI / Cerro Forge
    FA = FNMI / Anchor Harvey
    FK = FNMI / Kaiser Aluminum
    FM = FN/Martin Marietta
    FMB = FNMI / Mueller Brass
    Keyhole = Cerro Forge
    L = Lewis Machine & Tool
    LK = LAR / Kaiser Aluminum
    LM = LAR / Martin Marietta
    M (under diamond) = Mueller Industries
    PA = Capco / Anchor Harvey
    PM = Capco / Martin Marietta

    The square forge mark is from Brass Aluminum Forging Enterprises.
    This was the company that made the upper for the FN M16A4 that I was issued on my final deployment
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    Cerro is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. From what I understand there is not much interest with the higher ups in upgrading old machinery.

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    Interesting in CAPCO. I know they make the new M 320 GL and the lightweight tripod.

    Was u aware they made uppers.
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    I'm not super concerned about the actual maker, as long as it's in-spec. Getting one from a reputable place like say BCM or Aero should mean that they have checked the parts before they accepted them. I know the receiver extension bores are generally a little tighter, and rear bore alignment is better, too. On my local forum there's always somebody wondering how to square away their super-cheap sow's ear. Well, sometimes you can't. Better to start with decent parts and have fewer issues to chase.
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    Hodge Defense spec'ed the barrel and forging material and tolerances from FN, and Alcoa, respectively.

    Manufacture origin doesnt matter as much to me as who the end purchaser is. I wouldnt touch a Noveske with a 10 foot pole even though the barrel came from the same company of origin mine did, for example.
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