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    John Giduck’s book is truly excellent. I got a signed copy a few years back when he was in the area. I just used it last week as a reference in an assignment for one of my graduate classes at Tulane. I have to read it again. Lots of insight.
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    Will grab this one. An earlier recommendation for Gates of Fire was spot on.

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    I keep this book set so that I see the cover everyday, reminding me that it could happen here to our children. Even though we as believers are to think on those things that are good, decent and pure, we are also to be as harmless as doves, but as wise as serpants. I highly recommend this book, it is NOT for the faint of heart.
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    What always stands out in my memory from reading this book was the comment that the Spetsnaz troopers were using their bodies to try to Shield the children. No Greater Love...

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    Let us not forget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KTV View Post
    Let us not forget.
    Agree. Wholeheartedly.
    The problem is that the “Americans” of this “Me-Me-Me-Right-Now” society long ago reached the expiration point of their 30 second attention spans. Accordingly, they have also long forgotten the next important date upcoming this month.
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    We cover the Beslan (and other mass killing events both domestic and international) in the FASTER Saves Lives training our non-profits provides to armed school staff. Giduck donated several hundred copies of his book 'Shooter Down' (VA Tech) for us to give to schools and it is as good as his 'Terror at Beslan' and show how much 'we' still didn't understand active killers even then. VA Tech was the best setup possible for LEO at the time as they had 2 active SWAT teams on campus responding to the first 2 murders when the killing at Norris Hall kicked off. These are not 'bring in the professionals' events, these are come as you are and hope someone under the gun has the tools and training to shoot them in the face immediately. (Then have the medical training on site to start saving lives)

    FYI, just last month CAIR testified in the Ohio general assembly that FASTER is obviously a racist group because we discuss teaching points from the Beslan/Trolley Square/Fort Hood (the first killings) etc etc events in the program
    Oh well, so far since 2013 we have trained over 3000 school staff from over 250 districts across 18 states and are not stopping.

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    i don't know that gila river pd is still offering the training, but when i first moved to AZ, i was driving down to gila river most weekends to work with the pd to train them for active shooter scenarios in closed high schools and hospitals. the newtown, ct incident, the year prior, was the reasoning for the training. beslan was a primary example that was used and explained to the officers, emt and firefighters, in concerns of reactionary size and speed, as newtown was such an epic fuck up of everybody waiting on someone else in order to get anything accomplished.

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