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    Interesting topic. It is a symptom of one of the fundamental battles that currently face western civilization. That is the battle between the Left and Christianity. It has been going on for quite some time and has its roots in the Progressive moment. The Left hates everything about Christians and Christianity as a whole. Why do they hate it you may ask? Because they are such intelligent and thoughtful people? (they tell you so at every opportunity) The simple reason is power. Those that know Him do not need them. And they desperately want you to need them and depend on them and yes worship them. So they attack Christians and it’s institutions at every possible chance they get. God was removed from schools because you can’t have children having a foundation that is not state run. Church based Marriage is another institution that must be destroyed for much the same reason. You can’t have a couple living and raising their children in a way that the state does not control. Proof of this is evident for those who look. Take the case of Tim Tebow. Why was he destroyed? Carson Wentz is next in their sites. The kids from Covington Catholic School is another example. Even their own order is getting in on that. I could digress into the planned destruction of the Catholic Church but that’s for another day. Back to topic. The sexbots are another tool to undermine the relationship between Him and his people and between husband and wife. Any tool that can be used to separate and alienate and make you dependent on them is and will be used. Simply read “Rules for Radicals” and the game plan is pretty clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cindym View Post
    2 and 3 are flipped. love of spouse and family before anyone else.
    I agree 100%

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    The sexbot craze is simply an attempt to fill a God shaped hole in the human heart with a piece that can never fit. As such it will not satisfy - and the desire will Self metasticize, causing the person to seek more extreme fulfillment. People attempt to fill the God shaped hole with all manner of things; sex, wealth, power, drugs/booze, hobbies, children/family... none of it, absolutely none of it will satisfy and leave one filled.

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