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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    But I'd like a lot of things I'm unlikely to get. I don't feel like I'm missing out.



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    I wasn't going to start a thread to tell the story. Just patiently waited for such.

    19 years old and working helicopter CASEVAC out of Ondangua AFB, Namibia (then South West Africa).

    All flying "stateside" had to empty their rounds. Friday night we drank beer and loaded umpteen FN mags off the .308 that only medics and machinegunners used.

    Tossed cardboard filled tyres over the shooting range side berms for each other.

    A bouncing tyre would come past the front of you. You pressed the FAL against your hip and cocked your other elbow high, forearm pointed directly down to your grip on the foregrip.

    Hand gripped over a bush hat, and you were careful never to lean the barrel against anything, afterwards.

    Short sharp bursts as you tracked the bouncing tyre coming to ground, and letting off after it left the ground.

    A highly perishable skill, but remember we were each working with a doctor, in the back of a large 12 man helicopter.

    No headsets, and guns sliding around on the floor. You would have to pick up a FAL and nail someone that fast if we were compromised while loading or attending to our casevacs.

    It was an informal tradition to shoot hundreds of rounds each, like this, on Sunday. No one mentioned that it might have practical purpose, that would have ruined the fun.

    I smuggled my FAL home one weekend to my best friends small holding. We called his gardener to watch and I ventilated a 44 gallon from the hip.

    The valley seemed to ring endlessly from the noise and the gardener's eyes nearly fell out. :) These guys and our maids saw us grow up and next we were in uniform bringing big camo guns home.

    Our maid hated it, wouldn't clean my room the entire time I was in the military. From the back, and bent over cleaning, she looked exactly like a Rhino, and had the temperament to match.

    One day, I pointed out the cobwebs and got the riot act read to me, "you little boy, you no cheeky me!!!" Far from being intimidating, the combination of apartheid and a machinegun in my room nearly provoked a charge from our ample Zulu maiden.

    Things to know: Zulu maidens cut their teeth carrying 55lb water containers up mountains, balanced on their head from the river to their huts half way up the sun-facing slope.

    They are in no way the feeble first world obese person. Gladys was 300lbs of "end your life." I weighed 155 soaking wet back then. Even a machinegun couldn't tip the balance in my favor.
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    Reminder of the San Fran Police shooting earlier this year. It sounded like a cyclic dump in the mad minute video.

    After the shootout, a negotiator arrived on the scene. Armstrong was taken into custody two hours after the first officers arrived, police said. There was no immediate information as to whether the officers involved are still on administrative leave or how long they’ve been on the force
    The eruption of gunfire from the officers wasn’t a tactic but a response, said Franklin Zimring, a professor of law at UC Berkeley who viewed the body camera footage.
    “What you have is a lot of shots in a little time,” he said. “It wasn’t a tactic. It was a collective response. The problem is that you haven’t coordinated who would be the designated shooters.”
    Zimring added that the barrage of gunfire put civilians at risk, including the three people who came out of the RV.

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    We have some with the fun button. heck we had a g18 for a while. None were found to be practical in real world LE use. All of my go to tools are Semi-auto except my shotgun, which is a 870 pump.

    I'm not in the business of Losing

    A stab to the taint beats most of the mystical bullshit, most of the time

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