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    Default CRG-1 Review August 18-19

    I enjoyed this class a great deal. The material was presented in an easy to understand manner, lecture first, then practice after. The practical portion of the class started with absolute basics and progressively built on the previous drills, adding another layer of complexity, which, though slight, always seemed enough to throw me off until I got used to it. It also drives home the point about never doing anything the first time in combat. By the end of the class, you will be amazed at what you are able to do.

    Mr. Harris has a relaxed, professional teaching style which makes it easy to pay attention and understand the information. He does, however, carry the most expensive flyswatter I have ever seen. There is a great deal of information in this class, take notes! Also, a great many stories! There was discussion on proper sight picture and then a great deal of work on trigger control (and newfound respect for a penny). When the lecture went into the proactive measures of situational awareness, that was interesting, but it was during the practical parts that made it all click.

    Our class was rather small, but it was greatly to our benefit as we were able to shoot a good deal more than the average class.

    I think the main thing to emphasize is it is a basic gunfighting course, not a basic pistol course. It will be more than you expect it to be. If you are on the fence about taking this course, sign up for it, you will not regret it.

    I would like to thank the folks at Suarez International for putting this information together and Randy Harris for presenting and teaching it to us. A better use of a weekend, I cannot imagine.

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    Thanks for the review...It's always great to hear students say at the end of day 1 that they didn't think they'd be shooting that well by then. You guys did great. Hope to see you guys in CRG 2 soon!
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