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    Default Anyone have any RMR type 1 reliability issues?

    I have a type 1 on a SI V3 slide without the bosses (not sure if those matter?). Shot about 2K rounds through the G19 with the RMR, dot drifted away. Sent to Trijicon, fixed, good to go now. That was my first experience with the RMR failing. Anybody else have something similar?

    I'm not sure if having no bosses on the slide or a universally cut RMR milled slide puts additional stress on the optic but I would like to find out if anyone knows.

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    We added bosses because that is what the market wants...period. A properly cut dovetail with properly tightened and loctited screws will be just as good.

    Any electronics can malfunction which is why we have the back up irons the way we do.

    It went to Trij for warranty. Its back. Shoot it. If it happens again, send it again. We saw that a couple of times, but its not common.

    All the RMR sold or installed now are Type 2.
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    That's good to know Gabe thanks. Any tips or tricks you recommend for properly tightening the screws? I used the SI screws and sealing plate. I put the screws through the optic and plate, applied some blue threadlocker on the bottom of screws, snug installed optic, tapped it down with rubber mallet, tightened screws more, and repeated that process until I couldn't tighten them any more.

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    I will add that I was very impressed with Trijicon's service. Turn around time was about 4 weeks as expected. Not only did they fix the LED issue, they removed the old style battery contact and replaced it with TWO of the newer type contacts. Was happy to hear.

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    This is another example of why Trijicon is a better choice then cheaper dots. All of the sudden their product was being used in a new way when Gabe started mounting them on Glocks and Trijicon has raced to fix any issues that showed up. I had to send in my gen 1 rmr as did a friend of mine and they have been solid since they came back. I recently got another RMR to set up a Glock for my wife and noticed other small improvements.
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    I have run a type 1 rm01 and am currently running a type 1 rm06. I carry it on and off duty and it have seen the worst monsoons and tropical heat the south east can throw at it. once I did the "tactical shoe goo" mod that gabe wrote about I have no problems... ever..

    I am sure I will eventually buy a type 2 and put it on one of the slides but for now this rmr does it all.

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    Have a Type 1 here and this past weekend it flickered and then turned off. I have the Battlewerx plate installed so was annoyed that this still happened. However, after having to manually turn the dot back on a couple of times it never flickered or turned off again. I hope the plate fixed it.

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    If it's a problem with the dot, send it to Trijicon, they will fix it. Might also want to switch to this plate
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    I ran across an odd idea on some blog somewhere a few months ago that suggested that itís possible that you might want to try using a Duracell or Sony battery. Apparently those are sized just a tiny, tiny bit differently than the Energizers that just about 100% of us use. Who knows?

    Those two types are certainly not commonly seen.

    Itís an awful bad feeling thinking that maybe you canít depend on your RMR. Itís for this that I simply wonít do the non- Type 2 anymore.

    There are at least two qualifiers in my first sentence because I know you are liable to read just about anything on the internet.

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