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    The first area I will be developing, in addition to the After The Last bang series, will be the integration of old school martial arts concepts into the training. That is where the glaring weakness is in the training.

    So few gunmen know about the reactive side of the fight...and actually have nothing to bring out at such a time. A point of fact, the FBI crime report of officers killed can all be linked to a lack of reactive fighting skills. Reactive fighting skills require mindless execution of strategies that cannot be sufficiently trained on a live fire range. Is range work useless? Not at all, but I will bet I can develop a deadlier gunfighter in the reactive realm with 100 rounds than any other trainer on earth can with 10,000 rounds.

    How would I do it?

    The reactive fight requires habituated reflexes that cannot be trained on a live fire range. On the live fire range everything is about safety and holes in the target and the artifact of the pistol. And that limits the ability to do what we need to do and develop what we need to develop when the bad guy points a pistol at your face and you are still in the holster.

    I didn't realize it but I have been using the karate training template with guns for a very long time, albeit in a very limited manner because of the live fire range distraction. We show movement, train it dry, train it live, train it force of force, train it dry again, and so on. But I am continually astounded at the inability of most gun people to be able to move...a simple human function forgotten as if suddenly they were reborn with ten thumbs and two left feet. Add to that the requirement that I not get anyone shot in class and you have a very slow learning cycle and minimal development.

    Beginning next October, and henceforth in all force on force classes, students will learn the Pistol Kata Diagonal Lines. Its not hard, and it forces each student to move, to develop a mind/body coordination missing in the gun world. In Diagonal Lines is a template for winning any reactive fight handily and by intent not by accident.

    Then the kata will be broken down and studied in application with a cooperative training partner. The goal not being to see who is fastest or stronger, but rather as an aid to learning the applications in context with little or minimal pressure. Then as the learning takes place increasing the pressure gradually until the movements can be done full speed against an armed man fully intent on shooting the defender with a UTM or Simunitions pistol.

    Then when the kata has been learned thoroughly, applied thoroughly and tested thoroughly, we move on to the next topic. At the end of the training session, students will walk away knowing that whether they start the fight, or they react to a fight someone else started, they will kill their adversary deliberately and drive home knowing in their hearts that they are dangerous people.

    That is the future of gunfight training - you saw it here first.

    If there are any questions on the concept and application or maybe even what to expect in class...ask here.
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    Thanks Gabe. I can't wait to take the class in October!

    I have extensive firearms training, but have never trained in the martial arts.

    I am fully aware that I know how to shoot, but that I do NOT know how to fight - thus i am truly unprepared for a gunFIGHT.

    That is the reason that I have sought out training with SI.

    I look forward to learning the Diagonal Lines kata and the training, but I am also beginning to think that preparation for a gunfight might necessitate training in the martial arts for a few years as well....

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    Love it. Makes total sense.
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    Also signed up for FoF in mid October in Prescott. Cannot wait.

    I’ll be bringing a couple of G19 airsofts. Hope to leave with an UTM set-up!

    Speaking of UTM, has anyone milled or otherwise mounted an RMR to a UTM slide? Would like to do that if I get a set up.

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    This is a great idea and will move the art forward.

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