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    I have already said that by 2020 I won't be personally teaching live fire classes. I think I have done enough in that area and its time for the staff to handle all of it. I have long said that live fire is the least in importance in the training methods of the gunfighter. Unfortunately, unless I wanted to live on food stamps, it is also what the majority of gun people want to do, and so to develop a student base, we needed to put that horse behind the cart. But it has been some eighteen years now, and by the time I teach the last live fire class in two years, I think our student base (people trained in our shooting courses) will number in the tens of thousands. The time is right for me to focus in two areas.

    The first area will be the integration of old school martial arts concepts into the training. More on that in a bit.

    The other area and the focus of this thread is a series of classes that I will list under the heading - AFTER THE LAST BANG, in reference to the time after the last shot has been fired and using the analogy of the Mattis phrase "Left Of Bang".

    The children of Ayoob have been busy scaring the pubic hair off everyone while selling CCW insurance as the solution to their inevitable imprisonment. Their admonitions to say nothing to the police and wait for the attorney to descend from the sky in a fiery chariot. And many have taken that advice and after a lengthy court case (which could have easily been avoided) and hundreds of thousands spent...they may or may not get to sleep at home once again. Their position is based on the assumption that the police are out to frame the innocent citizen self defender and that they cannot be trusted...and further that the only person the hapless good guy can rely on is the attorney whose eventual arrival will be a "king's x" on your booking for murder.

    The classes in the After The Last Bang series will exorcise the fear and uncertainty and replace it with a knowledge and understanding of what a police homicide investigation is all about. They will illustrate that saying nothing, or even not saying enough is the most foolish thing that you could do. That no attorney will be able to tell them what happened, having not been there to see it. And that the police investigation and report will not wait for the attorney's arrival. That at such a point, you not having provided sufficient convincing reason to be listed as a victim, you will in fact be categorized as a suspect and arrested, charged and require bail to get home to your family. All of that can be avoided. That for 99% of people, an explanation of what you saw and felt, organized to place you solidly as the victim of an attempted crime will all but eliminate you being arrested, charged or ever have to set foot in a courtroom.

    After The Last Bang will totally disrupt the liability mongers selling the false security of the "cheap attorney", and the lies about what the aftermath will be by shedding a bright light on what really happens by the men who have done it and continue to do it daily.

    Are you ready to have your paradigm shifted? The Interview and Investigation Management Class is only 36 hours away.

    If you have questions you'd like them here.
    Gabriel Suarez

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    I'm hoping to take one of these classes this year. In my eyes, this class would be my primary "after shooting weapon", with my USCCA insurance being my "back-up after shooting weapon".
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