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    Our shortest barrels were at least 18", as the infantry issue Galil was actually the LMG, with bipod. So, no experience with low velocity 223 but I'm confident you can extrapolate AK wound effects to include it.

    I'm pretty sure that the right bullet needs no more than 1500fps for enhanced wounding effect. 3200fps is, as you say, a whole different ballgame, and unavailable from any pistol. So yeah, needs better placement. Say, in the chest cavity. Other hits will be debilitating to movement.

    Even tough guys shot in the leg with the lower velocity AK aren't going anywhere, in my experience of them. From that time on, someone is carrying them or limping is bed to bathroom, and very painful due to the bouncing.

    What is surprising is how little swelling there is at the caliber sized exit wound, and how little bleeding there is. 223 pistol will likely be the same. No free lunch for compact.

    Damn, 223 out a rifle will give a stretch cavity from hell, as evidenced by all the overstretched tissue that will never regenerate, and must be cut away, so as not to decay in the wound.

    My guess is this is the reason the Marine Corps are so set on having a 20" barrel. They are not being wooed away from 223's biggest asset by compact.

    I think, if going compact then go 7.62X39. Compact needs all the help it can get with reliability, and that is a more reliable case design. Also, you are getting better penetration on structures and vehicles.

    The fact that Colt CAR was used in Vietnam by special forces means there must be info out there on its effectiveness with 55 grain. Similarly, tier 1 special forces are still using a similar formula today, with heavier bullets.

    My guess is they wound as well as an AK, but with less reliability and with less barrier penetration. They are a lighter load, as is the ammo, and that, along with modular design, and splendid ergonomics, wins the day.

    The Soviets conceded this logic when they went to the AKS 74, and the Krinkov in particular. We probably don't need that weight saving, and are better off with a 7.62X39 pistol.
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