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    J Frame of choice and/or Seecamp. Can't go wrong with either.

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    One advantage of a J-Frame over a semi-auto pistol is that the J-Frame revolver will not leave empty cases to be collected by the local CSI types.
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    "The Constitution is NOT an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it IS an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it comes to dominate our lives and interests."
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    Gabe wrote:

    You can carry anywhere you wish unless there is a metal detector operated by LE personnel. Short of that, other than asking you to leave if you are doubted, there isn't much they can do. Refusing to leave has issues you don't want but that is that. As a homework assignment, the next time you visit a place that has a single entry point of access, see if you can bypass it somehow. I will bet with some patience and creativity you can.
    As you say, unless I'm going through a metal detector operated by LE, my gun goes with me, period. It's invisible and no one ever knows I'm carrying. And if an event ever occurred and it was made known after the fact (i.e. after I put a few face shots into the active shooter/terrorist/whatever), well...they can rewind the cameras. My face is somehow never looking at where the "No Guns" signs are. Never. That's why I don't see them, though I do notice everything else going on around me. Takes a bit of practice, but I've just about mastered the technique.

    I like the idea of seeing those signs as a guideline. To me, they basically suggest: "No bad guys with guns allowed [good luck with that] and no soy boys who are too afraid to arm themselves allowed. Everyone else, well...that's your choice."
    "Let him cut your skin, and you cut his flesh. Let him cut your flesh, and you cut his bones. Let him cut your bones, and you cut off his life."
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    [QUOTE=Gabriel Suarez;1919112]So "disposal"...if you got it on a 4473 like a law abiding American, it will be married to you so electing a Kel-tec specifically for that is a bit silly. If you may be in a situation where disposal is a factor, source your weapon like the thugs do...for cash with no docs.

    I agree, and yes, that is how several of my firearms were aquired. The Kel Tec point was primarily directed at the comment regarding being hesitant to toss a weapon.

    And I also agree that jock strap or coat hanger carry will be required at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost1976 View Post
    . My face is somehow never looking at where the "No Guns" signs are.
    The sorts of places that have these sorts of signs often have multiple doors, some of them without signs.

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    At the class this weekend, it was shown why a justified shooting at such a place makes the sign irrelevant to the justification. Want to know such intricacies? Classes for 2019 are on the schedule.
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