CQB, Fighting in structures was held last weekend in Garrettsville, Ohio. I had an enthusiastic group of students to work with and a terrific facility to work in.

The facility was an old school that has been repurposed. It afforded us simple and complex problems to work, multiple levels, varied stairwells and lighting conditions to deal with and a classroom. The only way it could have been a better place to train would be if we could have done some live fire exercises.

We began with an explanation of what the class was all about, fighting in structures with minimal resources. Why you would do this was explained by way of the four missions of CQB. With the preliminaries out of the way, dealing with corners was explained using the whiteboard.


We left the classroom and started walking through simple problems as solo operators.

hall 3.jpg

Once everyone had an understanding of simple problems, we added to them.


By the end of the first day everyone had a good grasp of the fundamentals. Everyone also understood the hazards of doing this kind of work alone.
Day 2 began with a short review of what we'd covered the day before. Low light operations were discussed and we moved to the basement for a quick exercise on using light effectively in a tactical situation. We then headed back to the classroom to begin learning how to work with a partner.


And then in a team of three


Throughout the course, once the object of the exercise was understood, we would test it in force on force

stair well.jpg

After each drill we'd debrief and capture lessons learned.

locker room.jpg

If you didn't get a chance to attend this one, you missed a great weekend. Don't worry, though, we're working now to schedule another session soon.

Jim Miller
ISA 6:8