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    I never understood the thought process (didn't say reasoning) behind carrying a gun with an empty chamber. Or carrying a 30 round magazine with 28 rounds in it, etc.
    The reasons were that back in the day GI mags were supposedly more reliable when loaded with only 28 and would more easily chamber the 1st round without the extra spring compression and mags loaded with 28 will still seat easily if the bolt is forward. Plus people can't count. If you try to load 30 and are not paying attention you can end up with 31 in the mag and that does not make for reliable feeding either.

    NONE of that applies to rifle mags that "rock and lock" because you have mechanical advantage of camming them into place whether the bolt is forward or not instead of a straight insertion into the straight mag well like on the AR. It also does not apply as much with pistol mags because you can more easily force those into the mag well because you can force your hands together with more force than you can push a mag into a mag well when your hands are a foot apart (AR mag well and AR pistol grip vs pistol mag well being IN the pistol grip).
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