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    Default M1A thoughts on scoping

    After more than a few years, I have returned to the notion of scoping my M1A again. The crappy Gen3 Springfield I had attempted to use has years ago been assigned to the dust bin of history. I have been looking at mounts and have decided to give the Bassett mount a try. All the other mounts require me to remove the already installed second screw contact point where the stripper clip guide was. Therein lies my problem. My rifle is so tightly bedded into the stock that it will take some serious blows with a rubber hammer to remove it from the stock, which is the walnut USGI version with the FA cut out. I like my wood stock. I really like the way it shoots, for which the tightly bedded stock is partly responsible. I do not want to risk damaging the bedding. Don't have to worry about removing the action with the Bassett mount. One screw installation, guaranteed to never loosen, removal/reinstallation to within 1 1/2" of zero. Good price at $159. Anyone familiar with these mounts?

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    Im not familiar with the Bassett mount. I use a two screw Springfield type mount that also locks into the stripper clip guide. The current serious thinking seems to be the top mounted scope rail as used by LRB and Fulton M25s

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    I use a mount from Sadlak. Back in the day when I was more active on m14 forums I remember people saying they had good luck with the single screw mounts but thats about it.
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    My M1A has had a single screw mount on it since about 1978 or 79. No name on it I can see. Cost me about $60 or $65 back then. Never any issues with it. Only had it off the rifle a half a dozen times in all these years though (I wanted a scope on it, so why take it off?)

    I read about issues with SA receivers and the scope mounting spot (threaded hole and vertical/horizontal grooves) being twisted/not aligned leading to problems getting the rifle/scope zeroed and/or the mount regularly working loose. I guess I got lucky as that's never happened to me.

    Having said all that, I have an Amega Ranges scout scope mount on the M1 Garand I shoot most. If I was going to buy another M1A today and scope it, I'd first try one of the Amega Ranges (another company makes a similar mount but I can never remember their name) scout scope mount and a LER scope before going the traditional route. The Ameaga Ranges mount is not the least bit flimsy. Long aluminum handguard with rail that clamps to the barrel with a long stainless steel plate (under the barrel) and multiple allen head screws that hold that plate to the aluminum handguard.

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    Brookfield Precision M14 scope mount is very solid. Out of production I believe.

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    The return to zero within 1.5 inches would not work for me. I use the Sadlack on my M1a. One thing to note is the M1a mounts the scope too high for the standard factory stock so you will need a lace on cheek riser to get a good cheek weld. The other thing to note is there are very few after market triggers for the M1a. The best are around 4 lbs. are are not legal in NRA competitions. I'm not saying they are bad rifle but I would not want you to spend a lot of money just to find out the gun want meet your goals. I never take my scoped M!A to a tactical precision rifle match. My savage MSR 10 in 6.5 creedmoore has done well in matches
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