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    Thanks for your range test at 11 yards, it's very interesting to me what the comp does for rapid fire and to keep the red dot closer onto target.

    The other uses for such guns is hunting, and it's easy to get an import permit for such, so that you can be armed when visiting countries like my native South Africa.

    A Glock 17 or 19 ain't gonna cut it for that stated purpose, and you therefore can't protect yourself.

    It was interesting to read Yondering, I think it was, confirm that 40 S&W through a 16" barrel can in fact equal 10mm.

    That's what I've been contending with owning a Sub 2000 and Glock 20, that they will have similar trajectory.

    I watched this the other day and the first 4 I have, the fifth I use an AR10 instead of the SCAR 17H that he uses.

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    So then, is 10mm too much for routine self defense carry, and what load? I tend to say NO, at least no more than 44mag, 357mag, 357SIG, etc...and of course it all depends on the specific load and barrel length.

    Im currently using Corbon 150gr. Standard (available) FMJ loads are 180gr, I think Id use something like that for anything that would need penetration???

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    You can't bring a gun into SA for Self Defense, since the change to multi-racial democracy. Those who liberated us from self reliance won't tolerate Self Defense. Rumor has it that soon even locals won't be able to give that as a reason for owning a gun.

    Hunting brings in tourist dollars but I don't imagine they will let you use a 9mmP for handgun hunting.

    And the same likely goes for handgun hunting worldwide. There can't be many countries left that let you bring a gun for Self Defense.

    It's another benefit of owning an offensive handgun in a major caliber.

    In all of these countries you will most likely be up against someone fielding a 15 shot 9mmP, or lesser caliber and capacity.

    Their laws are usually also tolerant of an endo stock adapter. Although, maybe not for the actual hunting. You could say you use it to help sight the gun in.

    A stocked Glock 20 with red dot could even run against an AK or Galil, insuring against worst case.

    Handguns fielded by criminals will usually also be fed FMJ, and are certain to lack the red dot. I mean, how many advantages can the G20 give you? A lot!
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