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    You’re welcome. Very nice weapon by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    The Scorpion is available in the following colors:
    Battleship grey
    FDE tan
    OD green.

    Ya’ll given much thought to color prior to purchase?

    Grey because it matches the inside of your backpack?
    Any other color than black delays the OODA loop of an adversary from recognizing it as a weapon as quickly as a black one? for the role and niche of this weapon this isn't going to matter.
    FDE or OD green to match your area of operations?
    I just a fan of FDE so that's what I got
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    First day at the range and zeroed at 25yds. Ordering my Omega 9K now so that wait has started. I really don't have a niche in mind for this weapon yet, maybe it will be a companion home defense gun along with my Pointman.
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