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    Any way to block threads? This could get expensive.....
    The government selectively enforces laws, so I selectively follow them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve_k View Post
    Any way to block threads? This could get expensive.....
    Yeah. Killing me. Check out the Covert flash sale.
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    Here's my Scorpion...
    - Leupold DPP on an ADM mount
    - Troy Micros for Absolute Cowitness
    - Lage Manufacturing Folding Stock Adapter, height adjustable so I now have a perfect cheek weld with the higher-than-stock optic and irons.
    - Magpul AFG modded to lock up against the lower... Must be removed to break down the Scorp but it prevents any movement between upper and lower.
    - HDS light on a QR mount to make AFG removal faster.
    - Apex grip
    - Right side Safety Delete and Safety modded to flip smoother/slightly easier so my thumb can easily engage Safety.
    - HBI Spring Kit
    - Stock charging handle moved to right side for Ambi charging handles.
    - HBI ProStock Extended Mag Release
    - HBI Theta Trigger shoe
    - HBI Theta Extended Charging Handle


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    The Scorpion is available in the following colors:
    Battleship grey
    FDE tan
    OD green.

    Ya’ll given much thought to color prior to purchase?

    Grey because it matches the inside of your backpack?
    Any other color than black delays the OODA loop of an adversary from recognizing it as a weapon as quickly as a black one?
    FDE or OD green to match your area of operations?

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    Streamlight has IR laser for night parties. This was my truck gun until it absorbed so much funding. Now it stays in the bedroom with the PVS 14s.
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    Picked up the other day as a birthday present to myself. Fits nicely in my LA Police Gear messenger bag. I'll pick up an Aim Point T1 or T2. It's still a virgin but I can see how the selector lever maybe uncomfortable when firing. I'm looking forward to running it hard.SDC11672.jpg

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