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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Oh I'd just put an aimpoint on it, not try to turn it into some sort of sniper rifle.
    Exactly my thoughts. An Aimpoint or maybe a low-power scout scope.
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    Politics aside, I will never buy another m1a from springfield. If i get another it will be from Fulton Armory or Smith Ent. Had a socom 16, and i was so excited to get my hands on it. it couldn't hold a group better than 2" at 100yds in a chassis. theres plenty of horror stories out there from springfield regarding their current offering of the m1a as well. i would definitely suggest staying away from any of their current guns in an the archangel stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShopMonkey View Post
    Politics aside, I will never buy another m1a from springfield. If i get another it will be from Fulton Armory or Smith Ent.
    Agreed... new M1As will work (round go out barrel when trigger pulled), but not the same as another company/previous SAI rifles.

    If you want to fish around for an M1A, head over to M14 Forum. M1A guys tend to have multiple rifles, and usually buy/sell to get something else that they want.

    When I went into the M1A, I was kind of looking at a Loaded... but had a similar hesitation. A member, who was local to me, had a 1994 rifle (stainless barrel), which was sent in to SAI for N/M upgrade. Built with USGI parts, with under 50 rounds through it. Paid about $150ish less than I could get the same current produced option (N/M with stainless barrel... not including local costs). Iíve seen a few other models from about the same time period, and all were priced very well (only exception was something rare). Might get lucky and find someone local, do a private transfer, and walk away with a decent rifle.

    I donít know too much about other manufacturers, but always had good experiences with Fulton (parts, but Iím likely buying a M1A1 from them when I move). I might pick up another wood stock for my rifle, and keep the bedded N/M stock aside... not to mention adding that dangerous bayonet lugged flash hider which makes the rifle SO much more deadly in NJ.

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    The shorter barreled M1A's are not usually known for accuracy. I don't own one, don't read the posts about all the stuff people tried to make it shoot better, just the gunsmith guys and competition guys usually say stick with the standard length barrel if you want to shoot good groups and you'll be happier.

    One of the long time match rifle builders/shooters on the M14 Firing Line forum just recently made a thread about the quality of the LRB receivers. Not just about uniformity/consistency but also about some testing to destruction. In the end, they were up over 100,000 psi and damaged the bolt, not the receiver. He (the gunsmith/rifle builder) says LRBs are good receivers/rifles.

    My M1A wears the same old one screw scope mount/rings I bought for it in 1978 or 79. Never any issues with it. BUT, and I say but...based on my experience with my shooter M1 Garand, if I was going to scope another M1A these days I'd buy one of the big/stout scout scope mounts and put a LER scope on it. I have an Amega Ranges scout scope mount on my shooter M1 and I love it. There's another company that makes a similar mount but I can't remember their name. The scope is 1X8 and I have not trouble seeing/hitting the pop up targets at 400 yds. with GI ball ammo. The scope is almost like cheating. An old buy told us once, "if you ain't cheatin', you ain't really tryin'." I think he heard it somewhere else first, but it's still true.

    That type of mount replaces the handguard (lower handguard on an M1 Garand) and both pieces (top and bottom) are shaped to snugly fit the barrel. The two pieces are clamped together with 6 or 8 screws on each side. The instructions said it's likely to come loose during the first range session (they were right) and should be re-tightened. Since then mine has never come loose again. I put a set of QC scope rings on it (can't remember the name/brand). I've proven at the range that I can remove the scope, use the irons, put the scope back on (in the same slots) and it returns to zero.

    I know the factory SA scout scope mount doesn't have a lot of fans, but the one by Amega Ranges and that other company are completely different designs/ideas.

    Of course, having that scope out/over the handguard is sort of necessary with the M1 Garand, not so much on the M1A. I also think having that LER scope away from your shooting eye makes it easier to get used shooting with both eyes open vs. having your scope 2" from your shooting eye. Just seems to work more naturally for me.

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    I have a LRB in basic service rifle configuration, upgraded to an M21(ish) design. It has the two screw Springfield side mount, that also locks into the stripper clip guide. Im giving some serious consideration to a Springfield "White Feather". Its the Springfield M25(ish) build in homage to Carlos Hathcock, using a rear and front lugged receiver with a "better" scope mount. Springfield elected not to include iron sights, which I guess is OK but it looks a bit odd. It also has a McMillian heavy stock with a horseshoe type adjustable cheek piece and a bottom rail with a short Harris bipod and a heavy Kreiger barrel.

    I like the "White Feather" and I think I may pick it up; but more for cool factor. Springfield stopped making the White Feather models a number of years ago. Im still thinking about a LRB M25. It seems to be everything the White Feather is and more.

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    Have you considered just buying an older rifle and putting what you want on it? You might be able to find an earlier springfield that has USGI parts and starting with that. Put a new barrel on it, add the stock/chassis system you want and keep the front sight just in case. You could probably do it for less than the cost of a White Feather. Claims of 1/2 MOA, if true, with the White Feather would be good enough for me.

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