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Thread: Weight Watchers

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    +1 to that.

    Iíve been at my college weight for a few years now thanks to this place.

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    Thanks to Gooseman, and this thread I pulled the trigger. I joined WW Sunday of this week and started tracking EVERYTHING. I don't necessarily like everything about the points system, like how a glass of whole milk is more points than a beer and a standard container of greek yogurt is even more points, but it has made me pay more attention to the little things.

    I weighed myself at work Saturday evening and was disgusted/disgusting. I weighed the most I have ever seen at 249.8. This morning I was feeling good and jumped on the scale despite it not being weigh in day and was already down to 242.6. I realize the first few weeks are the easiest to lose, but let me tell you they are also the hardest to not splurge. Aiming for 205 by Christmas, that may be ambitious but if you don't set those goals high then what good are they.
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