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    From the perspective of a nobody, I'm curious. The BG did a whole lot of resisting but I didn't really see him "fight" back. At one point he went for the officer's gun I guess?

    The point is, while the BG is not yet attacking, but simply resisting quite well, would the officers be allowed a fatal attack? Can you kill someone for being super good at resisting?

    I'm assuming that as long as the BG was not yet attacking, the officers simply couldn't apply excessive violence. The turning point would be going for the gun, then all bets are off right? If a BG goes for your (a cop's) gun, can they kill then? I assume so.

    Obviously the last thing the police force, or white cops, want in this political climate is to kill a black guy who was only "resisting". I'm sure they were doing everything they could to not cause permanent damage to the guy considering he was high as a kite.

    My second point is, when he finally ran back to the car to pull the gun, assuming the cops didn't know he had one, would it have been ok to kill him then? Besides the tussle going for the cop's gun, he still hadn't attacked yet, and appeared to be trying to escape. Can you kill someone for trying to run away from an arrest?

    In my mind there are two points where the dude should be killed, when he got hold of the cop's gun, and when it was identified he grabbed his own from the car, which would be very hard to wait for given their positioning at the time. But as for shooting him any other time, he was just resisting, and trying to get away. The media, the lawyers, everybody, would have a hey day with that. Headlines "Innocent black man killed by white cops for resisting police brutality..." etc

    Damn glad that I was out before cameras were in.

    90% of the people that I contacted would have called me "Officer Friendly" 10% not so much.

    40 years ago that POS would have had his noggin polished by hickory or flashlight and would have been in cuffs when he regained consciousness.

    Sad to see where police work has "evolved" perhaps "devolved" is a better word.


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    First pass, the bigger officer is not mentally engaged, he looks away, seemingly not for other threats, boredom maybe? The suspect begins to take the initiative away as soon as he begins walking towards the trunk. He gets ahead of the smaller officer forcing him to rush to keep up. This seems to allow him time to brace on the trunk prior to spinning. when he starts the fight. The bigger officer clearly does not know how to generate power, the strikes are made just with his arm without any body mechanics to transfer force. The smaller officer is by this time, behind the curve and has fallen into fear aggression.

    In similar circumstances, if at the suspects 3 or 9 o'clock I've knee spiked him in the thigh, grounded him and followed up as needed. The use of force report would document the suspect spinning towards me or my partner and attempting to disarm one of us as the justification for an immediate escalation in the use of force to prevent the suspect from killing us and members of the public.

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    There's an old joke that's not really a joke:

    "If violence isn't your last resort, you didn't resort to enough of it."

    I think that applies here.
    Armed Puritan

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