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    I have the peltor head band. I like them. They amplify sound a little also I think and thats a plus so I keep them beside the bed if there is a bump in the night to go with the G22.

    For all other uses I use the yellow 3M with the red stripe foam ear plugs. They knock down like 33 DB or something and are amazing. They are by far superior to any other foam ear plug Ive ever used. I buy them in bulk from Granger for my work. I never travel without them either. I could fall asleep next to a train station with them in. I am actually a little concerned Id sleep through a fire alarm.

    Ive had some hearing loss and dont play when it comes to hearing protection.


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    I absolutely cant take off the hearing pro during a PRS match and I need to be able to hear instructions while standing next to a someone shooting. Perhaps foamies might work but I really believe I need something with the electronic noise canceling function.

    I think the behind the neck versions will work

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