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    1903 is pretty historical, my buddy was shooting 1000yards with his open sight.:)

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    M30 Yugo ball was/is very accurate. It has been about the most accurate loaded ammo I have used. As for hand loads VV is the only powder I would recommend.

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    Have you looked at any of the Seller & Bellet offerings?

    When reloaded for specific 91/30 and M44 rifles I used to own I bought their ammo to shoot and reload the brass. Winchester also had ammo they sold under their White Box USA Line that was made by S&B for them.

    The only thing to watch for is the primer pockets tend to run shallow so watch your firing pin adjustment. Or about 20years ago they did.

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    Bad news; you'll have to reload.

    Good news; Lapua of Finland has the best components on the market. Specifically the D166 bullet.

    Along with their brass and quality propellant a good reload will outperform even the best Mosin.

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    If you want to get really stupid... Pull the bullets, weigh them individually and find an acceptable variance. reload the bullets within your tollerances while measuring your own powder.

    I "know a guy" that did this with linked .308 to make his own *match grade* ammo in the field when factory wasn't available.
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    Most military rifles will benefit from glass bedding if it is done right. If it is for an historical shoot you will need to leave hand-guards, other fittings and everything else intact. I would pay attention to what the finns do for their mosins and do the same for your mosin. What groups are you trying to obtain. If permitted look into cast bullet loads since it is easy to size a cast bullet to a diameter that matches your groove diameter. I have read that the groove diameter varies in these rifles.
    As already mentioned one can obtain premium reloading components for making quality loads. One needs both and accurate rifle and accurate loads to shoot well. I will likely be looking into doing something like that once I get my fighting rifles and pistols all setup to my tastes.
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